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Religious News

Christian News Review 08/08/2019

Bombs, Anti-Christian Rage

& Lady Gaga

Christian News Review 07/25/2019

"Worship Leader" child molester on the run.

This Blasphemy Has to Stop!

Christian News Review 02/21/2019

TAC Religious News Review 12/01/2018

TAC's First Newscast

TAC Announcements

TAC Announcements 5/20/2019

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A Message from

Thrown Away Christians


Interview with "Rich"

Part 1 of 5

Interview with "Rich"

Part 2 of 5

Interview with "Rich"

Part 3 of 5

Interview with "Rich"

Part 4 of 5

Interview with "Rich"

Part 5 of 5

Bible Studies & Devotions.

New Bible Series  

Coming Soon

"What do Christians Believe"

Let Free Thought Ring -

A Message from TAC

Bitterness (devotional)

Why do this?  What about forgiveness?  Part 1 of 2

Why do this?  What about forgiveness?  Part 2 of 2

His Words Are More Than Enough

TAC Beginning introductions/Announcements

Thrown Away Christians 

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Thrown Away Christians

Remix for Thrown Away


Is the Name "Thrown Away

Christians" Insulting?

A Message to the "Thrown Away Christians"

What is a Thrown Away Christian?

A Voice for Thrown Away Christians

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