The Covid-19 virus has turned our world upside-down.  I, for one, am extremely frustrated that there is no consistent information.  Even the CDC contradicts themselves.

The entire subject of this virus has become so political that you cannot get a straight answer from any source except for that which is loaded with biased narrative.

The following are links and embedded videos to some sources that are being heavily censored.  These sources are from intelligent, highly educated people, mostly doctors.

Facebook, YouTube, and the mainstream media has taken it upon themselves to be the thought police for everyone.  This is unacceptable.  We should all take it upon ourselves to seek truth and weed out agenda-based narrative.

Stand up for your constitutional, God-given, rights.  Do not be told what to think.***

Plandemic Documentary

California Doctors Talk About Covid-19

Dr Geoff Barky speaks on behalf of thousands of Doctors about COVID-19 measures

fake virus numbers - covid 19

Consider this before you get tested for Covid-19:

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