Biblical Perspectives of the Paranormal

About Biblical Perspective of the Paranormal

In the last 20 years the interest in the paranormal/supernatural has exploded.  TV channels are full of programs about ghost hunters, stories of the haunted, and tales of cryptid creatures.  The introduction of mediums, witchcraft, and communicating with the dead is long past and now it is full blown indoctrination.  There is even a movement now called “Christian Witches.”  These programs fascinate and wow the audience, most of which are young people – and yes, this includes the youth group kids at your church!


The sale of ghost-hunting kits, spirit boxes, and spirit boards is a fast-growing industry and I would be willing to bet that even though you may not know about it, someone you know owns some of these things.


Churches have always warned people about the harms of dabbling in the occult, but that is all that is said about it.  People are told it is demonic and to stay away from it, yet the details of the harm done is never spoken of.  The subject is often considered taboo in churches.


My question is this:  if we don’t speak about the detailed specifics of the harm that can be caused by being in or dabbling in the occult, no one is going to really care if you say, “Don’t do it.”  They will do it anyway.


The goal of this podcast is to help prevent others from falling in to the pit of darkness that comes from playing with these things.  I pray that Christians who have been involved with these practices will step up and share their story with others in order to warn them and hopefully, prevent others from falling prey to the devil and his ways.


Admittedly, there will be aspects of this podcast that will be for the purpose of entertainment and that is the study of cryptids.  Have you seen bigfoot?  Give me a call!


Also, there will be informative information talked about concerning books that some people use along with their Bibles such as the ever growing in popularity the book of Enoch,” the Jewish mystic book the Kabbalah, and also some of the “lost books of the Bible.”  In other words, books that should not be mixed with the Holy Bible in any way, shape, or form!


If you have knowledge of any of these things then I would love to have you on the podcast.  Please call or text me at (719) 239-5379, or email me at

Rev. Bonnie Clark is the founder and Senior Minister at the Thrown Away Christians ministry.  This new podcast will focus on the Biblical perspective of the supernatural.  Rev. Bonnie has experience in deliverance and has studied and acquired experience and knowledge in battling the paranormal world. 

Rev. Clark's main focus will remain the TAC ministry, however, because of world events and the rise of this generation’s fascination with the supernatural, has a great burden to help those who do not understand the dangers of dabbling in the occult, etc...

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Thrown Away Christians (TAC) is a ministry for those who have been hurt by the church and if you would like for your voice to be heard please contact me at

This is not a ministry made out of bitterness for the church but from love for those who have been hurt as well as deep concern for the state of religion and churches as they exist today. 


This is a ministry also concerned with injustices in the church as well as the legal system.  Many of my videos and blogs will discuss injustice in the court room as well as the world, America, and the church. 


This is a many faceted ministry which includes interviews, Bible Studies, blogs and vlogs, reviews of legal cases involving churches, and religious news reviews.  TAC has been out of commission in the last year due to a severe illness in the family – but things a back on track now.  This is a new ministry in its developing stages.  


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