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This is not a story about church abuse - but it reflects the truth about how untrustworthy people believe clergy are.

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"Trust in Clergy Hits All-Time Low: Poll"

Another Ordained Pervert 

November, 2017

"COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - A Colorado Springs minister is sitting in jail without bond after allegations emerged that he sexually assaulted a child.

Detectives say they believe Romello Leach could have more victims."  Read more at

"Former Arapahoe church youth pastor spared prison sentence for sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl"

Be sure and read the following paragraphs from the article.  The church members support the perpetrator once again!

Paragraph 8: "The teen girl’s father, who was a church elder who oversaw the youth ministry, asked for prison time for the man who once had been a close family friend. The entire family has suffered isolation and depression and loss friends because of the assault, he said" (Phillips, 2017).

Paragraph 10:  "The father also addressed the 48 church members who wrote letters in support of Hutchinson, and the dozens who sat behind him in support in court" (Phillips, 2017).

Christopher Hutchinson.  Image from the 

Arapaho County Sheriff's office.

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — "A former youth pastor who admitted to sexually abusing a young boy in western Michigan a decade ago has been sentenced to 3½ to 15 years in prison."

From the:


                                                    Daniel Hoffman's mug shot


Lawsuit accuses Columbia’s First Baptist Church of history of covering up child sex abuse



OCTOBER 13, 2017 6:18 PM

Wendell Estep covering sexual abuse for 32 years
Click  HERE  to  see  full  story  at  "The State."

Click  HERE  to  see  First  Baptist  Church  of  Columbia, S.C.  website.

Click  HERE  to  see  First  Baptist  Church  of  Columbia, S.C.  statement

regarding allegations.

First Baptist Church, Columbia, SC
Sexual anointer Mitchell Olson
Justine Morden
Pastor's Hand Slips Down Her Pants; But No Harm Done!

September 7, 2017

Michigan pastor, Mitch Olson, will not be prosecuted for a sickening immoral act.  I wonder if his congregation is holding him accountable?

Rev. Mitch Olsons

She said

He said

Leonardo Blair (2017) writes, "A Michigan pastor [Pastor Mitch Olson] who was accused of sexual assault by a former parishioner and admitted that his hand might have slipped into her pants while anointing her with oil to cleanse her of sexual sins at her home will not face charges, a local prosecutor said Wednesday" (Para. 1).  Yet in the article by Kim Russell (2017) she cites him as proclaiming, "'No. No. No.' when asked by the police if he touched Justine inappropriately"  (para. 14).  He said - she said, but there are definite clues as to who you can believe.  The first clue is his adamant denial of "no, no, no," the first time he was questioned about it - and then, as typical of someone who is lying to cover their tracks, his answer becomes that his hand "may of slipped into her pants..."

The article by Kim Russel (2017) cites the police report that was filed:

A police report lodged with local authorities said:

Olson then said a prayer and placed oil on her head, Olson then did the same on (her) shoulders. Olson then asked if he could put the oil on her breasts (she) said yes and Olson put his hand down the front of (her) shirt making skin to skin contact with (her) breasts. Olson then put oil on (her) stomach/mid-section. Olson then asked he could put oil on (her) buttock, (she) responded yes. Olson then put his hand down the back of (her) pants and made skin to skin contact with (her) buttock cheeks. Olson then asked if he could put oil on (her) pubic area (front of pants), (she) responded yes. Olson then put his hand down the front of (her) pants and made skin to skin contact with (her) pubic region. Olson then touched (her) knees and ended with her feet. (para. 7)

I can almost hear all of those out there who are saying, "She asked for it."  When one reads the police report it certainly seems that she gave him permission and I'm sure there are people out there that will ask, "Why?' or agree with the Prosecutor that this minister should not be charged.  But I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that it is possible that she suffers from a type of paralysis that is related to Complex Post Traumatic Stress disorder that causes a person to freeze up when they are confronted with any type of anxiety or fear.  Psychology Today has an article written by  Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D.  Dr Seltzer writes:

Though it’s almost always entirely unconscious, some circumstance in the here-and-now can remind you of a trauma suffered years (sometimes, many, many years) ago. Never fully “discharged,” the original fear or panic linked to that memory compels you to react to the current-day trigger as though what happened in the past is—right now—happening all over again. And so your original reaction of self-paralysis—however mystifying it may be to you, and to those around you—can’t help but repeat itself. Your mind goes completely blank, your rational faculties missing in action.


This is why what was adaptive as a child—that is, dissociating from an event vastly beyond your capacity to handle—can become so frustratingly maladaptive as an adult. Paradoxically, at its extreme, a reaction of dissociation could be not at all life-preserving but, in fact, life-threatening. For when you’re stymied by inappropriate, exaggerated fear, you’re in no position to act sensibly to whatever might be menacing you. (paras. 12-13)

Simply put, I call it the "rag doll" mode.  It's when you find yourself in a situation with someone you trust and they take advantage of that trust. There is something that clicks off inside of you and you can't function.  Maybe a whisper - maybe a slight nod, but

for some reason you are powerless to resist what they tell you to do.  It is a horrible feeling and one that leaves

you suffering with shame, self-loathing, and a sick stomach for the rest of your life.  Many predators recognize this

condition in someone and will take advantage of it.  It takes a lot of hard work for someone to overcome that in

themselves.  There is always a some kind of physical causation (or past trauma) that causes this to happen.

The key words used in the article by  Kim Russell (2017) are when she cites Justine, '""I trusted him. He has been

my pastor since I’ve been in 6th grade'" (para. 5).  These words bring tears to my eyes.  I have heard the story from

many!  Different people, different situations, but the same overall outcome.  "I trusted him/her" are very haunting


Even if my guess of PTSD is wrong, this young woman was obviously in a fragile state simply seen in the fact that

she sought spiritual help.  Spiritual fears and needs are deep and is so personal that it makes a person fragile

when seeking help.  Some people may see her actions as naive, but remember, she sat under this man's influence

since she was in the 6th grade.  This is how she had been taught.

The main point that as a pastor with high influence over his congregation and looked up to as a spiritual shepherd, he had the legal responsibility to treat her professionally.  He broke professional and ethical boundaries when he asked to come to her house to anoint her.  He further broke professional boundaries when he did not take someone with him and also insist that she had someone with her for support.  And well, touching her inappropriately..considering his legal fiduciary duties he has the responsibility and obligation to fulfill... this man is as guilty as sin!

Rev. B.C.

Raggedy Ann Doll


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